Lord Cheeseman, future overlord of ALL!!! (lordcheeseman) wrote,
Lord Cheeseman, future overlord of ALL!!!

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I hate Sundays.

The cats are performing admirably.

The Dark Lord reported in today and seemed astonished by my comment regarding his Minion-in-Training's behavior last night. He admitted that the MiT has been growing restless lately - the child is apparently growing increasingly perturbed with regard to his "in Training" status. Youth. How eagerly he yearns to throw away his freedom!

The Dark Lord presented me with two options: either I allow him to slow-roast Gov. Taft over a bonfire built of Pachelbel scores, or I drive a stake through his head promptly. Alas - no dominator like myself is ever fully prepared to handle warring minions. Both options held a particular appeal, but I was forced to decline, give him a tissue, and put "Casablanca" on my television. Really - the Dark Lord is quite the softy for that movie. It's a shame he let's Gov. Taft get him so upset - he's really one of my better minions . . . even if he is a moron.
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