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Lost - one minion, one MiT, and an island nation

I learned today that one of my minions, King Tournyp of the island nation of Skidamarink, had cracked his rather large head while playing pingpong against his MiT, Josh. Ah, young Josh. A fine minion he might have someday made. Sadly, after receiving this injury, KT declared himself lactose intolerant and went on a violent rampage, expelling any and all dairy products from his island nation.

So I destroyed him.

I arrived in a blaze of odious glory! At my presence, destructive forces began rising - by the time I left, the entire island was obliterated. I destroyed it so well that people will probably not even remember that the great island nation of Skidamarink ever existed! Such is my power!!! MWAHAHAHA!!!!

Unfortunately, the loss of this island nation under my thumb seriously shortens my supply of coconut oil. I must secure a new source of said oil . . . or disaster beyond your wildest imagination may occur.

That said, I completed today my papier mache replica of Al Gore. Tomorrow I shall paint. Behold the artistic side of your future lord and master! Behold it and shiver - and shiver not from a slight draft or lack of a sweater! Shiver with fear!!!!
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