Lord Cheeseman, future overlord of ALL!!! (lordcheeseman) wrote,
Lord Cheeseman, future overlord of ALL!!!

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Evil has landed, morons!

Greetings, future underlings! I now make known to you my innermost thoughts and emotions! It is a great gift. Grovel to demonstrate your gratefulness. Or I will kill you.

This morning, I stood on my balcony overlooking the icy slopes of Mt. Cheeseman. Mine is truly a marvelous base of operations. When this mountain is the capitol of all the world, all shall witness this beauty and grovel . . . or be struck down. By my wrath. Hah!

My minions are in a bit of a tissy concerning some silly local political feud. Foolish American Minions - why do they not realize that their petty position of President has no importance? Soon their country shall be ruled by me! Mwahaha! However, their bickering is disruptive to their productivity. I hope they calm down soon and report in with their latest shenanigans on my behalf. Otherwise I shall destroy them. With my wrath.

Now - I release you to do my bidding!
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